We meet the first Friday of every month at:

Pebble Creek Country Club

10550 Regents Park Drive

Tampa, FL 33647

Doors open for registration and networking at 11:30am

Meeting begins at 12pm and finishes around 1:15pm

We also meet every other month for a social gathering in the evening at various locations. There are no meeting charges or RSVP requirements for these informal social events.

Upcoming Meetings: 

December 4, 2015: There will be no guest speaker for December, as it will be our Annual Christmas Party with a White Elephant Gift Exchange and extra time for networking! (Gifts should be no more than $10.)

January 8, 2016: Our first guest speaker for the New Year will be Sandra Miniere of Integrative Wellness and her presentation will be on "Success Begins with A Compelling Vision." Sandra will share her formula for creating a compelling vision—one that motivates you to take purposeful action and overcome obstacles. Whether in business or life, her clients accomplish extraordinary outcomes when they use her Picture-Purpose-Passion process. When you know “why” you are doing your business, you will promote it with passion and a clear purpose, and individuals will buy what you sell. Begin 2016 with a compelling vision and allow that vision to help you accomplish amazing results.

Sandra is a life and wellness coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, author, and speaker. She maintained a 20-year private practice as a mental health counselor in central New Jersey, was the executive director of a women’s center for five years, has been a professional coach for 14 years, and continues to give workshops and seminars to corporate clients and community organizations.To learn more about Sandra, visit

February 5, 2016: Our guest speaker for February will be Thanecha Anderson, international singer/songwriter, and she will be speaking on, "Overcoming all odds to change the world." Thanecha has been singing all of her life, and wrote her first song when she was seven years old, with the dream of being able to sing as a career. Over the years, she has had a number of great careers in the corporate world, and just left her favorite place of employment, the Centre Club, in order to pursue her dreams full time!

Along her journey, she has known her share of “failure.” In the summer of 2013, she came across the Facebook page for “The Shade Tree,” a homeless shelter in Las Vegas, where she and her family lived when she was 5 years old. With the memories flooding back of her time as a homeless child, and with the realization that she IS making something of her life, despite her less-than desirable beginnings, she has a renewed determination to make a difference in the world, for other children living in poverty, and for all people that feel like
they have no hope.

In 2016, Thanecha will be doing a national tour from Tampa to Las Vegas, with the destination being the homeless shelter. Along the way, she will be singing at many homeless shelters, orphanages, and community events, in an effort to start a movement
to inspire the youth of America, especially those in poverty. 

Register for a Monthly Meeting

Members paying online through TUESDAY prior to the luncheon: $15.00

Members paying online WEDNESDAY or later: $18.00

Members paying at the door, please RSVP by Tuesday prior to the luncheon.

All Guests: $18.00

Guests paying at the door, please RSVP by Tuesday prior to the luncheon.

For questions, please contact Board Member, Judy Nicolosi at 813-600-9848

We email two meeting reminders each month allowing members and guests to connect to our website to sign up and pay online.  Or attendees may RSVP, then pay at the door.

We are pleased to present dynamic speakers from the community at about 8-9 meetings each year.  That leaves other meetings for Turtle Networking and our annual Networking Holiday Party in December. 

Thank You to Our Recent Speakers:

November 6, 2015: Our guest speaker for November was Erin Bess of Simply the Best Photography and her presentation was entitled, "Showcase Your Business Through Photography." If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much have you invested in the photographs that represent your business? A single image can brand, personalize and sell products more quickly and effectively than words. Re-evaluate your business card, advertisements, and website through another lens. Learn how to define your business clearly by using color and shapes to brand professional photographic images of your business on all of your promotional material. 

Erin Bess is a professional photographer, teacher and mother. She owns Simply the Best, a boutique photography business specializing in real estate and portraiture. Erin has a BA in Fine Art Photography from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is able to easily relate to people making posing and photographing a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Her favorite aspect of photography is working with clients to create artwork that is unique and meaningful to both the photographer and client on a personal level. Erin also holds a MA Ed. in Art Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has also been teaching for the past fifteen years. To learn more about Erin visit her 

October 2, 2015: Our guest speaker for October was April Saland of A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions and her presentation was entitled,"Did You Know?" With the upcoming Health Insurance Enrollment laws and regulations we had our questions answered and learned what we thought we already knew. 

April’s journey began when she joined A. L. Saland Insurance Solutions and her partner decided to take the business to the next level. As one of the Owners and VP of Marketing, April speaks and shares about the Healthcare Reform and specializes in Health, Disability, Life, and Medicare Insurance. A. L. Saland Insurance Solutions has been in business for over 12 years and is growing stronger every day.  April and her team work very closely with you to help identify the best insurance options to meet your budget and coverage needs. April and her agency believe that buying insurance shouldn’t be complicated and as an independent agency, they’re always looking out for your best interest. They provide a high level of customer service for ALL of their clients, family, friends and co-workers. April has thrived on the goals that were put into place for their business and she believes that her personality is one of her gifts. Learn more at

Dr. Linda Inatsuka (Dr. Linda), a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida with 17 years of clinical experience, was our August Guest Speaker.  Her presentation was on "Moving Past Your Mental Block." She has provided psychotherapy, counseling, assessment, and consultation services in a variety of settings including universities, medical and nursing facilities, and for government agencies. She has been in private practice for over 15 years working with individuals and couples. 

Dr. Linda is also the host of "Mastering Your Inner Game for Entrepreneurs," a series of talks sponsored by the networking group, Engage-A Network for Evolving Entrepreneurs. She provides consultation and coaching services to entrepreneurs and business owners to help them "master their inner game" by moving past their emotional, mental, and relational "stuck points" to business success. She believes that "running a business can get crazy, but you don't have to be."

The Crime Prevention Task Force were the presenters for our July meeting. The Crime Prevention Task Force is a community service organization developed by former law enforcement officers. Their mission is to achieve more awareness by the public of the criminal threat facing everyone in today's society and show effective measures to counter that threat. There is no need to be afraid of being home alone or going to the supermarket. Crime is everywhere and it is important to be aware of all the threats and know how to protect yourself and your property. Topics that were discussed included: Identity Theft - Fraud and Scams; Purse Snatching - Guns and Alternative Weapons; and Home Safety - Carjacking and Much More.

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