We meet the first Friday of every month at:

Pebble Creek Country Club

10550 Regents Park Drive

Tampa, FL 33647

Doors open for registration and networking at 11:30am

Meeting begins at 12pm and finishes around 1:15pm

We also meet every other month for a social gathering in the evening at various locations. There are no meeting charges or RSVP requirements for these informal social events.

Upcoming Meetings: 

July 1, 2016: In July, we'll hold a Turtle Networking Event to get to know each other better. Bring lots of business cards to connect!

August 5, 2016: Speaker information coming soon.

Register for a Monthly Meeting

Members paying online through TUESDAY prior to the luncheon: $15.00

Members paying online WEDNESDAY or later: $18.00

Members paying at the door, please RSVP by Tuesday prior to the luncheon.

All Guests: $18.00

Guests paying at the door, please RSVP by Tuesday prior to the luncheon.

For questions, please contact Board Member, Judy Nicolosi at 813-600-9848

We email two meeting reminders each month allowing members and guests to connect to our website to sign up and pay online.  Or attendees may RSVP, then pay at the door.

We are pleased to present dynamic speakers from the community at about 8-9 meetings each year.  That leaves other meetings for Turtle Networking and our annual Networking Holiday Party in December. 

Thank You to Our Recent Speakers:
June 3, 2016: The speaker for our June meeting was Marcy Youngster, who is a firm believer in a 6 step process: Dream, Believe, Decide, Start, Overcome, and Succeed. Marcy felt uniquely qualified to discuss her topic, “You Can Do It - Just Get Started Now!” because she has been living it first-hand her entire life. 

Early in her first marriage, Marcy had to deal with the discovery that her new husband was suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that also developed into agoraphobia, which worsened as time went on to the point that he could no longer provide adequately for their family. Over time, it fell to Marcy to financially support their family of 6 children, in spite of having no higher level education, limited confidence, no professional skills and very few financial resources. She did this initially by starting her own calligraphy business, which supported her family for 10 years. In 1994, Marcy was introduced to the world of direct sales where she developed many skills. She supported her family with the weekly commissions and monthly residual income, while also earning multiple national awards. 

Marcy’s story is one of believing in herself while also relying on God’s providence, of overcoming adversity, frustrations, learning new skills, setting goals and achieving them. She enjoys sharing her insights, lessons learned, strategies and ideas. She has earned many ribbons for her speaking and evaluating skills as a Toastmaster here in Tampa. Marcy is in the beginning stages of setting up her first podcast, scheduling speaking engagements, and starting a coaching business.

May 6, 2016: The speaker for our May meeting was Gayle Hannah Hill who is the founder of Uphill Marketing Group. Gayle spoke on "The Buyers Journey - Understanding Your Content." A look at your content’s role through all of the stages of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to decision, to help businesses understand what their buyers are doing, and how their messaging can help buyers move from one stage of the sales cycle to the next.

Gayle’s relationship building and communication skills are critical to both long and short-term success for clients. These two things allow for better communication so that both agency and clients are aware of expectations for their projects and events. Her experience with marketing strategy, advertising, graphic design, copywriting and photography give her a well-rounded base from which to launch and manage effective marketing campaigns. Her personality makes it fun. Usually.

A small-town girl from North Alabama, Gayle graduated in Marketing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has worked marketing for over 20 years. She founded UpHill Marketing Group in November of 2014 and wakes up every morning loving the life she is building. Gayle’s two sons, Carson (13) and Thomas, (11) have given her the meaning behind her father’s favorite saying, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose” and, keenly aware of the source of all her blessings, she strives to be a positive example for them and for anyone who knows her. 

April 1, 2016: The speaker for our April meeting was Women-n-Charge member, Barbara Brekke who is the founder of Go Beyond Your Dreams and a Certified Life Coach. Barbara's organization assists women in turning their dreams into reality. Having grown up in a home with domestic violence, she learned at a young age the importance of having dreams and hope for a better life. Moving to a foster home at 15, Barbara learned the importance of creating a plan to move forward in life, especially during times of a challenging transition. Having led many large nationwide projects during her career, Barbara was able to use this knowledge to develop an easy to follow process for creating a realistic plan that takes an idea through to implementation. Barbara obtained her BA in Business from Northeastern University. She has earned the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest designation awarded by the worldwide speaking organization Toastmasters International.

Barbara’s presentation was titled “Living an Extraordinary Life.” Do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face knowing you are living with passion your dream life? Is there a dream inside you bursting to come into the light of day? Most of us have dreams we say we will get to “later” because our lives are just too busy right now. In this engaging and informative presentation Barbara will provide tips on how to clarify your dreams; recognize and overcome fears holding you back; and create a vision of your dream life and anchor it with your 5 senses.

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