Kristi Collins

Certified Life Coach & Founder


Radiant Warriors, LLC

Kristi Collins is a Certified Life Coach, the Founder of Radiant Warriors, LLC, which exists for the singular goal of “equipping women to fight bravely in the face of life’s most difficult battles.”

These include 8 key areas:
(BetrayalWork) grieving through the betrayal of a spouse,
(TraumaWork) healing from childhood sexual trauma,
(MindWork) overcoming the lies that bind us,
(BodyWork) surviving to thriving,
(StoryWork) rewriting our story for God’s glory,
(SisterWork) encouraging women to find safe people to do life with,
(HeartWork) learning to love like Jesus, and
(SoulWork) satisfying the cries of our souls.

Kristi offers these courses and resources to small groups, 1:1 coaching, has crafted church group curriculum and runs quarterly women’s retreats.