Melinda Turner

Regional Vice President



Melinda Turner is a Floridian who knows how to treat everyone she meets with a kindness and respect, and an enthusiastic smile.

She is passionate about helping families protect themselves in the present with affordable life insurance. Along with her husband, Bryan Turner, she helps them secure their financial future for retirement with vehicles like mutual funds, IRA’s and 401k, and annuities. She specializes in helping clients who are married and have children.

She is excellent at working with newlyweds and helping them customize a financial GPS for their family called a financial needs analysis and even does in home delivery and gives her clients her cell phone number. She and Bryan show new parents who have just had a baby how to save for college, so their child can go to college totally debt-free and not starting their life with a burden of debt. For individuals who haven’t been so fortunate, she helps them to make a debt-stacking program so they can be debt-free years sooner as well as saving them thousands of dollars in interest. She does budget coaching and even meal planning!

She also helps families think about the future ensuring that their families know their wishes and she has final expense insurance and burial insurance and helps them do their wills, living wills and durable power of attorney through her partnership with LegalShield.

Melinda and her husband Bryan are expanding their family business and they are actively looking for ambitious, family orientated people part-time and full time to help open more offices in the Tampa Bay area. Incredible career/business opportunities are available with their firm.

Call her today at 727-858-0709 to schedule an appointment and connect with her online: